Company Profile


DONGGUAN YUNTIN PHOTOELECTRIC TECHNOLOGY CO,. LTD, has been committed to the research and design of LED solutions since 2008 Relying on its R&D and business development teams, it takes the distribution agency of Taiwan brand scheme to develop and expand the 3C market for computers, communications and consumer electronics in China through applying the advantage of storage, service and quality The company has responded to the national energy conservation and emission reduction plan step by step. In addition, coupled with market incentives, it began to develop and manufacture new photoelectric lamps such as LED lighting lamps and LED street lamps in 2009. As for its contribution to the LED street lamp project, it won the title of Guangdong Private Science and Technology Company at one stroke.

In 2013, the company found a market opportunity for smart sweepers Therefore, it cooperated with the research and development teams of domestic front-line customers to jointly develop infrared LED application solutions for sweepers and took the lead in seizing the market. Due to the interconnection of everything and the rapid development of smart home technology, in order to comply with the market trend, the company has adjusted its main business to provide LED infrared receiving, infrared sensing, infrared transmission, LD laser module and other solutions in smart home appliances, smart home, smart electric meters, machine vision and consumer-oriented main markets.

Due to the company's early research and development efforts and business accumulation, it has achieved a certain market share. In order to make the company's products more competitive in the market and better serve customers, the company introduced foreign LED packaging production equipment and set up PCBA application production lines in the same year, thus entering the road of independent research and development and independent production in China.

At the same time, the company is also fully expanding its overseas markets. In 2015, it established pinyuan.